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    • Packing Solutions

      Solution brother packaging machinery for the packaging industry chain design your perfect, our technical precision and improved health care, food, beverage, daily chemical products, household products, industrial products and other industries demand for packaging technology. We begin to understand your products and market demand, including re with you to explore the variable factors, packaging: packaging intended function, protection function, shelf life, aseptic, product value, sustainability, marketing, brand promotion and budget requirements. Our products can be combined freely based integration, to meet the needs of your brothers and packaging machinery, will provide the most suitable for your packaging solution for you.

    • Products

      Brother packing mechanical adherence to the "global packaging technology to serve the local program" service concept! The company has high precision CNC machine tools and machining center, advanced equipment and testing equipment, sophisticated technology and strict quality management system. And together with professional and technical elite and advanced level of science and technology team, make full use of new technologies, new processes and new materials to ensure the stability and reliability of the products. Packaging a wide range of applications, such as health care, food, beverage, daily chemical products, household products, industrial products industries. Brother packaging machinery has a team with rich experience in the packaging industry, can be based on your specific business needs tailored packaging solutions.

    • Material

      Updating the product packing for green revolution. PVC heat shrinkable film / POF shrink film / PE shrinkable film / PP strapping band / Packing belt / The cartons

    • Brother Outlets

      Brother Outlets


    Information you can count on

    Complete Manuals
    Manuals can be in either a CD or hardcopy format. Both formats include this information:

    ? Safety

    ? Installation

    ? Operator Instructions

    ? Maintenance

    ? Troubleshooting

    ? BOMs & Drawings

    Did You Know?

    1 We support every machine we ever made!

    2 You can order a manual for your Lantech machine no matter when you bought it.

    3 If you buy a retrofit for your machine, you can order a manual that includes the retrofit.

    Order a Manual

    Order CD (Digital) All machines 
    Order Hard Copy (Stretch Semi-Auto) 
    Order Hard Copy (Stretch Auto)
    Call us to order hard copy of other machines. 
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    Most manuals are shipped within 7 business days after receipt of order with serial number.